Create Webpage


goldwebpage Table-file Color-Scheme-File [Target-File] [Options]


This program will create a webpage based on the content of Enhanced Grammar Table file (or CGT) and automatically generate a webpage. It is not as functional as the utility in the Windows application. Much of the meta-data that is used to create a list of reserved words and LALR lookahead data are not saved in the table file.


Field Values Description
Table-File   Required. This can be either a CGT or EGT file.
Color-Scheme-File   Required. Color schemes are stored in .ini files.
Target-File   Optional. If this field is left blank, the program will automatically create a filename using the EGT filename. The new filename will contain the same base, but will have the extension .htm. For example, test.egt will create test.htm.
Options +groups,
If this flag is set to true, the program will output progress text to the screen as well as error messages. If set to false, no output will be generated. It defaults to true.
Output the syntax of the language. Defaults to true.
If the syntax is outputted, this flag will control whether it will be displayed in Backus-Naur Form (like in the grammars) or italics (if false). Defaults to false.
If the syntax is outputted, this flag will control whether will have a uniform indentation. Defaults to true.
Output the basic tables as: Symbols, Groups, Productions.... Defaults to false.
Output the DFA States. Defaults to false.
Output the LALR States. Defaults to false.


Note: If you prefer, you can use the common / character for designating options. The slash will be interpreted as a +.  So, +syntax can be specified as /syntax.