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This page contains useful links to other parser generators as well as other resources for those developing compilers and interpreters. If you have a link that you would like to see on this site, please tell me about it.


Projects & Articles
Name Author Description
Introduction to GOLD Parser Adrian Moore Adrian Moore wrote an excellent introductory article about GOLD. He is the Lead Development Manager for the SCADA Vision system developed by ABB Inc in Calgary, Canada.
Query A Dataset Project Adrian Moore Website: "With the QueryADataSet assembly you can perform full SQL SELECT statements on any .NET DataSet and return the results to your application. QueryADataSet can save on valuable Connection and Server resources by eliminating the expensive round trips to the Server to obtain a subset of data that already exists in the DataSet."
Project: C++ Gold Parser Manual Astudillo This link points the homepage for the Manuel Astudillo's popular C++ version of the GOLD Parser Engine.  This page is part of the Source Forge website.
GOLDDotNet Projects Max Battcher This website contains Max Battcher's fast growing selection of excellent GOLD tools. These include his new EvParser, which is a wrapper class,  and GOLDDot software, which can be used with AT&T Dot to create graphs of rules, and parse tables.
Jorg's wxWidgets Page Jorgen Bodde Jorgen Bodde released an implementation of the GOLD Engine for wxWidgets  which is a cross platform GUI toolkit. The source was ported from the Alexandre Rai engine (Delphi 5 version) to C++ and runs under Linux and Windows (MacOS and Solaris should also work).
Pygold Project Milosz A. Krajewski Milosz A. Krajewski developed a pure implementation the GOLD Parser Engine using the Python Programming Language.
LUDO Scripting Engine Eylem Ugurel Eylem Ugurel developed the LUDO (Language for Unified Design and Operation) scripting engine. LUDO Script is similar to C++, but with a far cleaner and more consistent grammar.
Calitha Engine Homepage Robert van Loenhout Website: "This engine can be used to parse (LALR) text and construct a parse tree that can be traversed in an object-oriented manner. It can therefore be embedded in your software product."


Miscellaneous Resources
Ad-Aware Ad-Aware is a free system tool developed by Lavasoft. The software scans your computer for spyware programs such as Claria's Gator. These programs tend to ruin computer efficiency, destabilize the operating system, steal personal information and steal worktime by displaying pop-up ads.

Ad-Aware  is highly recommended.

Commodore 64 Fonts Download the Commodore 64 Font!You can also download a couple of True Type Fonts I created that mimic the character set of the Commodore 64. This is a new version of the font that will work for both PC and Macintosh (the old version didn't work that well).
Planet Source Code Planet Source Code is an online database containing a massive amount of free source code. The source is submitted by developers wishing feedback or wanting to help others in the development community.
TextPad Textpad is an easy-to-use and quite versitile text editor. The application has syntax highlighting, Unicode, and has a huge number of editing features.
ZDNN News The ZDNN News Network provides information (and discussion) about the events taking place in the computer industry.


Academic & Professional Organizations
Association for Computing Machinery Founded in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM0 is the oldest organization dedicated to the advancement of computer science. The organization provides conferences, workshops and other forums to discuss issues that currently affect computer science and those ideas which will advance it.
American National Standards Institute The American Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that is works to develop standards within the United States and performs conformity assessment.
California State University,
This is the website for California State University, Sacramento -  commonly known as "Sac State". Sac State is located in the center of the Sacramento metropolitan area next to the historic American River.
International Standards Organization The International Standards Organization (ISO) works to develop standards between the different world states.
Unicode Consortium This is the homepage of the consortium of companies and groups that developed and maintain the Unicode character set.