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This section contains the documentation for the GOLD Parser Builder, the different versions of the GOLD Parser Engine, and the Compiled Grammar Table file which they share.

For the Engine, the API may not be identical for each implementation. Each is tailored specifically for the language and platform for which they are written.

Builder & Grammar Documentation
Writing Grammars The GOLD Meta-Language used to define a grammar for the GOLD Parsing System.

The notation used by the GOLD Meta-Language closely follows the standards used in language theory. This allows both students and professionals, familiar with language theory, to be able to write grammars without a large learning curve.

GOLD Builder
Command Line Version
This is a command line version of the Windows 32-bit application. Four of the main features of the Builder Application: Compiled Grammar Table file generation, Skeleton Program Creation, YACC to GOLD conversion,  and Grammar Testing were implemented using separate executables. 
Engine Documentation
Java Engine
by Matthew Hawkins
This version of the Engine will allow you to develop interpreters, translators and compilers with the popular Java programming language. Your project will be will be able run on a wide range of platforms from Windows 32-bit to Macintosh to Linux.
Author: Matthew Hawkins
Version: 1.1 Beta
.NET Module
by Marcus Klimstra
This version of the Engine was implemented on Microsoft's new .NET® Platform. Developers using C#®,  Visual Basic .NET®, J#® or any of the .NET compliant programming languages can use this componant to develop interpreters, translators and compilers.
Author: Marcus Klimstra
Version: 1.1 Beta
Calitha .NET Engine
by Robert van Loenhout
Robert van Loenhout developed the Calitha Engine for the Microsoft .NET architecture. This version was written in Microsoft C#®
Author: Robert van Loenhout
Online Documentation
Downloadable Documentation
.NET Engine
by Vladimir Morozov
Vladimir Morozov created a new implementation of the Engine using both Marcus Klimstra's C# Engine and Alexender's Rai Delphi Engine as templates.
Author: Vladimir Morozov
Online Documentation
Downloadable Documentation
ActiveX DLL This component is included with the GOLD Parser Builder, but is also available here to download. The ActiveX DLL will work with Visual Basic, Visual C++ and other development suites that support ActiveX on the Windows 32-bit platform.
Author: Devin Cook
Version: 2.5.0
Online Documentation
Downloadable Documentation
Developer Documentation
Engine Pseudo-Code The GOLD Engine can be implemented in any general-purpose programming language. However, sometimes understanding the algorithms can be difficult. The Pseudo-Code documentation is designed to be easy to understand and make it far easier to write new implementations of the Engine.
Program Templates Program templates allow parse table information to be automatically stored in a text file. This is used to create ready-to-use programs for each implementation of the Engine.
Enhanced Grammar Table (EGT) File The Enhanced Grammar Table file (.egt) contains the parse tables necessary for the DFA and LALR(1) algorithms. The file format was designed to be simple and, most importantly, expandable. This format was released with Version 5.0 of the Builder.
Compiled Grammar Table (CGT) File Compiled Grammar Table files (.cgt) were used before Version 5.0 of the Builder was released. It