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Plug-in and Documentation
.NET DLL Vladimir Morozov created a new implementation of the Engine using both Marcus Klimstra's C# Engine and Alexender's Rai Delphi Engine as templates. The latest version is optimized for execution speed and has simplified API. The engine has the following features: grammar tables are represented as an instance of Grammar class and can be reused between multiple parsing iterations; TextReader instance is used as an input to the parser; the engine does not create Reduction objects to allow client application to do it in optimal way (see samples); it supports special messages to help to collect comment lines; it provides ability to collect source lines using special callback function.
Author: Vladimir Morozov
Version: 2.1
Size: 12 KB
Documentation Documentation is available for this implementation of the Engine.
Online Documentation
Downloadable Documentation
Source Code and Projects
Source Code The ZIP file contains full source code of the engine, Source code for SimpleInterpreter sample, Source code for Tree Builder sample, Generated documentation files in CHM and HTML formats.
Author: Vladimir Morozov
Version: 2.1
Size: 632 KB
Program Templates New! Dave Dolan created two program templates for use with the Morozov implementation of the Engine.

The download contains two templates - one for C# version 1 and a second for version 2.